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What the lesson is about

The "Graphics" resources have been chosen by Spencer Herbert, head of design technology at Ravens Wood School for Boys in Kent, and ownermanager of design technology tool (username Spencer_DT).

"The production and layouts of these items are particularly impressive," he says. "The topics are diverse and rich in their detail and go some way to explaining the theory and workings behind graphics in general."

How to use it

The collection includes a PowerPoint that can be used to teach the basics behind graphics as an introduction to using image-manipulation software, such as Fireworks or Paint Shop (maxwell01782). An introduction to branding includes a range of activities to encourage pupils to start thinking about brands, logos and less obvious means of advertising (littlemissraw).

An introduction to perspective includes tasks to help students tackle one and two-point perspective (Kmbradley), while a display illustrates different types of packaging and asks pupils to identify their positive and negative aspects (Erica_c_hanson). An Apprentice-style challenge asks pupils to design a cereal box (miss_purple_rose).

An introduction to graphics includes examples of designers to illustrate the variety of work, from food to electronic gadgets, and asks pupils to come up with the design for a new toaster (HarrisSchool). A PowerPoint provides an introduction to Wally Olins, one of the four designers pupils have to study for the AQA GCSE, and was uploaded by kittylew, who has also contributed a presentation on lithography and gravure, which explains the processes using relevant examples.

Where to find it

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Tes Editorial

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