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LEARNING TO TEACH ICT IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL. Edited by Steve Kennewell, John Parkinson and Howard Tanner. Routledge Falmer. Price: pound;18.99

A defining characteristic of pupils' capability in ICT is "the self-confidence to explore and evaluate a new piece of software, learning new techniques and skills for themselves".

Teachers who read and absorb the lessons of Learning to Teach ICT in the Secondary School will be well on the way to producing the kind of student described above.

This book is intended for students training to teach ICT as a subject at secondary level. However, anyone involved in ICT would profit from reading it. It is rich in suggestions and covers most situations that can be found in secondary schools. Every ICT department would find something of use here. Assessment is dealt with at some length and the complexity is acknowledged. The tasks that are set throughout the book are realistic and anyone carrying them out will benefit.

The concept of higher order skills is dealt with in detail with the authors pointing out that the national curriculum is focused on skills such as planning to use ICT, making decisions about resources, monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes. Turn to any page and you are struck by the authors' realistic approach as well as the good sense. It is a pragmatic book that will help anyone develop into an innovative and reflective teacher.

The chapter on ICT across the curriculum is particularly interesting as the information is balanced, sensible and full of sound advice.

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