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Designs on creativity

HAVING enjoyed the article "Creativity could be timetabled" (TESS, November 17), I thought you might be interested in the "Technology Challenge" at Houston Primary School where we promote technology within the 5-14 framework. We have technology outlines at each stage, concluding with the "challenge" at Primary 7.

Within this challenge, the children are set design briefs which require them to prepare detailed plans, work co-operatively in teams, keep records, budget carefully and design and construct a working model.

In addition, they have to produce a group booklet which details their plans and progress throughout the project. We celebrte the completion of these projects with a technology evening. The children display their models, talk to judges and give a presentation to the audience using PowerPoint.

We have three judges from industry, including the director of West of Scotland Water, and one judge from Paisley University. We also receive pound;300 sponsorship for this event from British Airports Authority and have in the past secured sponsorship from First Engineering and ETC Ltd. These events have been very successful in past years. This year's is on December 6.

Lorna Jackson

Assistant headteacher

Houston Primary School

Crosslee Road, Houston

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