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Desperate search to find cover

THE survey paints a dismal picture with principal teachers in every authority reporting the near impossibility of finding cover for illness and absences. One South Lanarkshire teacher said: "The PT was off ill for three months - a biology teacher filled the post."

A Borders teacher said: "One post has been vacant for one year and the timetable collapsed ."

In North Lanarkshire, the story is similar: "The APT is on maternity leave . . . Most of S1 and S2 have been removed from the department's timetable."

In Edinburgh, a secondary responds: "The department is unable to expand and offer more courses at S3 and above. We are fearful for the future of the subject."

Similarly in West Lothian: "We have ageing PTs - who is to replace them?"

Next door in Falkirk, a teacher notes: "We need a high-profile recruitment campaign."

In Renfrewshire, one teacher comments: "Disaster is looming for the subject. We are unable to have development days because there is no subject cover available."

Further up the west coast, an Argyll and Bute teacher remarks: "There are no supply teachers within a 75-mile radius."

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