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Development Education Association

To encourage a new generation of politically aware, law-abiding and volunteer-ready young people, citizenship has been introduced into the curriculum. But it isn't here just for the good of civic life in the UK. One of the less publicised aims of the subject is to give students an understanding of their role as global citizens.

To help teachers explore its international aspects, the Development Education Association has produced a web portal with links and information on global issues, ranging from the environment and ethnic and religious diversity to tourism and the role of the media.

The website has links to development organisations as well as websites produced by people in developing countries. Links to libraries, resources and online catalogues are featured, and teachers can download information and guidance sheets for teaching the subject.

There are lesson plans, suggestions for whole-school projects, classroom activities and pointers on where to get more advice and training. The site is aimed at key stages 3 and 4, but it has a good selection of links to sites and resources for primary teachers. Visit the site at

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