DfE Questions Answers (April - May 2012)

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Each week the DfE will answer your questions here. To get your questions answered just send them to ask.dfe@education.gsi.gov.uk

Q: How many school age children are there in UK or England?

DfE answers: There were nearly 9.7 million full-time and part-time pupils in 32,750 schools in the United Kingdom in 201011(the latest figures). In England there were 8,092,000 pupils, full and part-time. All the information is available here: http:www.education.gov.ukrsgatewayDBVOLv001045v02-2011v2.pdf

Q: Could you confirm, please, whether there is training available for the new One to One Tuition tutors?

DfE answers: Not directly from DfE although your Local Authority may provide some. Here's our guidance on One to One Tuition:

We have a useful video: http:www.education.gov.ukschoolspupilsupportinclusionandlearnersupportonetoonetuitiona0056259one-to-one-tuition-toolkit-videos

Also, resources are available here on tuition: https:www.tes.co.ukmypublicprofile.aspx?uc=1750067and here: http:www.education.gov.ukschoolspupilsupportinclusionandlearnersupportonetoonetuitionb0056257one-to-one-tuition-guidance-and-resourcesguidance

Q: How regularly should teachers report on pupil progress in terms of NC levels?

DfE answers: Schools must report brief details of achievements in all subjects and other activities forming part of the curriculum and comments on general progress each year report (with an exception for pupils who will receive a school leaver's report instead). The minimum information that must be reported to parents in the head teacher's annual report to parents is noted in the Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations2005, SI 20051437 (as amended in 2008)available here: http:www.legislation.gov.ukuksi20051437contentsmade

The minimum content of the annual report should include:

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