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Diary - Pub quiz

1. Who became the first tourist in space in 2001?

2. Which member of the British royal family took part in 2004's Sport Relief?

3. Which author's characters include Stilton Cheesewright and Bertie Wooster?

4. Who had a number one hit in 1964 with Glad All Over?

5. Which continent is home to vast plains called steppes?

6. To whom did Rod Stewart get married in Italy in 2007?

7. Basal, discal, postdiscal and submarginal are all regions of which part of a butterfly?

8. What type of business did Rocky own in Rocky Balboa?

9. Sweden's principal airport is nearest to which city?

10. Which African country's flag is green and no other colour?

ANSWERS: 1. Dennis Tito; 2. Prince William; 3. P.G. Wodehouse; 4. The Dave Clark Five; 5. Asia; 6. Penny Lancaster; 7. Wing; 8. Restaurant; 9. Stockholm; 10. Libya.

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