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Diary - Pub quiz

1. Seized by India in 1961, Goa was a former territory of which European country?

2. What is the square root of nine multiplied by the square root of 25?

3. Which was the only film directed by Alfred Hitchcock to win a best picture Oscar?

4. How many legs did Odin's horse have?

5. What was the real first name of playwright Tennessee Williams?

6. Nicknamed the Clown Prince, for which basketball team did Meadowlark Lemon play?

7. Name the lead singer of Catatonia who sang "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Tom Jones.

8. What takes place at 11.30am every day at Buckingham Palace from May to July and every other day for the rest of the year?

9. Which year marked the deaths of both Pope John Paul II and Prince Rainier III of Monaco?

10. Who is the young hero of Treasure Island?

Answers: 1. Portugal; 2. 15; 3. Rebecca; 4. Eight; 5. Thomas; 6. Harlem Globetrotters; 7. Cerys Matthews; 8. Changing of the Guard; 9. 2005; 10. Jim Hawkins.

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