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Diary - Wow, that's a big one

How many times does 95 go into 1,725? That's how much teacher Christy Harp has improved since she started growing giant pumpkins.

The maths teacher has now set a world record for the largest pumpkin grown in captivity, after producing a 1,725lb (784kg) monster.

At one point it was growing by 33lbs a day; it ended by beating the record of 1,689lbs set two years ago.

Christy, who teaches at Jackson High in Ohio, started growing pumpkins more than a decade ago, with her first effort weighing in at 95lb. Since then she has perfected her nurturing technique, avoiding chemical fertilisers but using fortnightly applications of seaweed extract.

Her giant pumpkin had to be moved by forklift truck to the weigh-in at the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers annual get-together, where she also had the satisfaction of beating her husband, a fellow enthusiast.

Now, if you divide a 1,725lb pumpkin by a class of 30, how much does each pupil get? You do the maths.

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