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Did Chris talk to the corgis?

WHO pinched Prince Andrew's bum? Who flew down to London with the owner of his own personal airline? And who spoke to Chris Woodhead?

Seven hundred teachers - high-achievers and plucky school turn-arounders all - descended on Buckingham Palace last week for Gamp;Ts with the Royals and assorted great and good.

Prince Andrew proved the main attraction, the Diary's royal correspondent reports, bsieged by giggling middle-aged women and holding forth on inspections (he reckons OFSTED should adopt the military model).

One younger female, allegedly, had to resort to a quick grope to get his attention.

Mixed reports are received of Mr Woodhead's reception. Some say he skulked lonely in an anteroom, ignored by all. Others saw the old charmer holding court to flocks of converts.

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