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Did we have a good time at the show? Oh yes we did!

Beyonce impersonations, men dressed as women, comedy dance routines and a lot of corny jokes - it can only be the panto season. When The TESS invited school children to give their verdicts on the shows they'd seen, they couldn't wait to let rip .

Beyonce impersonations, men dressed as women, comedy dance routines and a lot of corny jokes - it can only be the panto season. When The TESS invited school children to give their verdicts on the shows they'd seen, they couldn't wait to let rip .

MOTHER GOOSE, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

- Campie Primary, Musselburgh

Mother Goose was amazing and funny! We liked Muddles because he is very silly and Gertie Gaga tells all the funny good jokes. One of the jokes was: when I was at the shop I got milk, cheese and butter chucked at me. I thought: "How dairy!" Hahaha. When we did a dance at the end, it went a little bit like this and a little bit like that and shake your bum. It was a great show.

Harry and Niamh, P5 and 4

One of our classmates was performing in the panto and she was really nervous! The dance which was called Ghostbusters was our favourite. The dancers were really good and we loved the costumes and how they glowed on the stage. We thought Muddles was the best character because he played his part really well.

Hannah and Karla, P6

- Lasswade Primary, Bonnyrigg, P2

My favourite part was when the goose laid the golden egg and my favourite character was the fairy, because she was wonderful. The best joke was - what makes Lady Gaga angry? When you poke her face.


I thought the panto was fantastic, because the bad guys are good at the end. I didn't like the bad guys.


My favourite part was when the baddies got married. I liked Muddles and Gertie Gaga, because she had a teapot on her head and when everyone shouted: "Hi, Muddles".


The best joke was "Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he is cool".


ROBIN HOOD, Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

- St Joseph's Primary, Faifley, Clydebank

My school went to the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow to see Robin Hood, starring the hilarious Jim Davidson. It was amazing, but my favourite part was when Robin went to school to learn slang Scottish and he kept on falling off the bench and one of the phrases was: "Hauloawrer hauzitgaun?"!!!


I started to laugh my head off as something went wrong with the play when an egg smashed during the cooking scene - it was hysterical! Sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next, suddenly Justin and Colin came in with tights on. They were my favourite characters; they even spoke in a posh voice. The funniest joke was when they called Robin Hood "an eejit!".

Bethany, P6

The best part was when the nanny was in her bed and she could hear a noise - every time she hid under the covers a ghost would appear out of nowhere! Robin Hood's costume looked like a cowboy suit at first, but he changed into William Wallace and then even the Stig! My favourite part was when Robin Hood was fighting the evil Sheriff of Strathclyde with his sword.

Marc, P6

It was packed with amazing jokes. My best one was: "You look like a fat chip fryer". The panto was colourful, with bright colours all around. There was disco lights, party lights and fireworks. You would love them.

Ben, P5

My favourite character was little Will, because he made lots of jokes about people and people made jokes about him because he was small. I also liked when the Scottish sheriff strapped Robin Hood to the target board and he kept on missing him.

Michael, P5

We had lots of fun. My favourite joke was when Robin Hood was supposed to be getting sausages, but instead he came back with balloon sausages, and they were stuck. He walked and he walked until they blew up and nanny asked, "What kind of sausage was that?" and he replied: "Bangers!" My favourite song was Little Devils, because I was imagining myself dressed up as a devil.

Alysha, P5

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, King's Theatre, Edinburgh

- Sacred Heart Primary, Penicuik - P67

The jokes were very good and when we were shouting: "Oh no you didn't," it made it feel like a proper panto. They were really up to date as they were saying jokes about Wagner.


Princess Apricot should have stayed pretty because I thought she looked REALLY ugly before! (No offence.) I really enjoyed it because it was funny, good and entertaining. FUNNTACULAR!!!


The squeaking shoes made me laugh so much that I dropped my juice.


The funniest moment for me was when Dame May McTrott flew through the air on a motorbike - it was flabbergasting!


I love how the actors just carry on whether they mess up their lines or just need a giggle. The humour comes so naturally to them.


It was TREMENDOUS! The thing that made my day was when my sister Olivia went up on stage to assist the fairy when she was changing Princess Apricot's appearance.


My favourite joke was when Dame May McTrott said: "I feel a Gillian McKeith coming on!" It was seriously funny!!


Grant Stott was FABBY at playing Fleshcreep. He's always my favourite character no matter who he plays, because he is ALWAYS the villain. I think he is always the most important character because you can't have a good panto without a villain!


One of the funniest bits was when Dame May McTrott's skirt fell off and her hairy legs were showing! She ran off stage and shaved them, then came back on stage with a sporran made out of the hair! I thought it was brilliant!


SNOW WHITE, King's Theatre, Glasgow

- St Raymond's School, Glasgow

I thought the panto was really good. My favourite part was when the wicked Stepmother heard that Snow White was the prettiest and smashed her magic mirror! I liked all of the dwarfs, but Silly was my favourite because he couldn't talk and he made silly actions to say things. When he shook his head it made a funny sound! I liked all the jokes and funny parts. The Prince's costume was best because he had a cool kilt and a massive sword! I didn't like the end part because the Prince and Snow White had to kiss.


I thought the panto was brilliant! I liked the part when the dwarfs appeared in the diamond mine and the little one made an explosion! The smallest dwarf was best because he was so silly. All of the jokes were really funny. I liked the dwarfs' costumes because they were so small and colourful. I didn't like the end part because the Prince kissed Snow White - yuck!


The panto was great! I liked it when the dwarfs were tidying up the house with Snow White. I liked Snoozy the best because he kept falling asleep, Grumbly kicked his shovel away when he was sleeping and made him fall over! I liked the dwarfs' costumes - they were so cute and small. I really liked the dancing - they could do loads of cool things.


SLEEPING BEAUTY, His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

- Cornhill School, Aberdeen, P6

Carabosse is a nasty old witch who wants to kill Sleeping Beauty so she can be the queen. Her first plan was to capture Prince Angus, so he won't like Sleeping Beauty. Then, after that, Nurse Nancy and Muddles suddenly asked her to sing in Sleeping Beauty's 21st birthday party. When she showed up, she sang Single Ladies with Muddles and Nurse Nancy all dressed and Nurse Nancy and Muddles' butts were big - very big!! Then, at the end, Carabosse turned good after all.


I was shocked at how good it was. The costumes were amazing. Some were funny like the costumes for Nurse Nancy and Slimeball, and others were lovely like Princess Beauty and Prince Angus's. Carabosse's costumes were dark and scary, but when she was singing some of her songs, they were bright and glittery.


When the 3D bit came, I was really scared! There was lots of creatures popping out at you. As time went on, it got better and better. It finished off with a party! And it was good like that, because no other story of Sleeping Beauty ended with a party.


There was all sorts of creepy bugs and plants, from a spider to a Venus fly trap, snapping at us. They also added frightening monsters and fireworks that were aimed straight at our faces like it was the real thing. The whole theatre was screaming and shouting for help - even the teachers were screaming at each other's faces. Everyone loved the 3D part.


Nurse Nancy was funny because she had a really big bum when she was singing Single Ladies. Then Muddles explained everything that happened so far and she was 100, so she couldn't hear and after it went silent she went: "WHAT". Muddles was really funny because he had a crush on Beauty, then tried to say "I love you, Beauty", but every time he tried to say it, he stuttered.


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