Dig deep

History - Ages 8-11

History - Ages 8-11

Stimulate and enthuse pupils' learning and creativity by bringing an archaeological dig to their classroom.

Fill some medium-sized storage boxes with sand. Mark a series of ceramic pots with hieroglyphics and place in the sand. Add some bits of silver costume jewellery to get pupils' imaginations going.

Start the lesson by explaining that the class has been given a task by a group of archaeologists to examine a series of sand blocks.

Each group gets a toothbrush, teaspoon and a sheet with the hieroglyphics translations. Pupils slowly uncover the pots and solve the hidden messages.

My pupils enjoyed this lesson and immersed themselves in the process of learning about the past.

Martin Van Hecke is a Year 6 teacher at Higher Lane Primary School in Bury, Manchester.

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