Digital cameras get cheaper

The price of digital cameras continues to fall. Fuji Photo Film's latest entry-level camera is the FinePix 1400 Zoom. The model is compact and easy to use, has a 3x optical zoom with average resolution and batteries that recharge in the camera. The price of around pound;350 includes the camera, batteries, recharger, transfer and image editing software, and a USB cable and USB driver for fast transfer of pctures from the camera's SmartMedia storage cards to your PC or Mac. For an extra pound;279, schools can add the Fujifilm NX-70 digital printer. This will produce sparkling 4in x 6in prints or 2, 4 or 16 sticker prints with peel-off backs - but schools should budget for expensive consumables such as printer ink and stickers before considering this enticing option. Details at:

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