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Diploma Town

Scenario: A week in the life of a 16-year-old at Collingwood secondary school in Diploma Town

Date: The near future

Student: Heema Ali

Studying: level 3 engineering diploma

Monday and Wednesday Collingwood secondary

* Introducing the world of engineering: Heema and her study group have a tutorialdebate on the social, economic and political effects of great engineers and their achievements.

* A-level mathematics. Heema wants to go into higher education to study an engineering discipline and her tutor has advised that maths skills will be very important.

* Briefing on work placements: a placement has already been agreed with Tire's Engineering. Heema is preparing what she needs to know and achieve.

* Discussions with tutor on ideas for the extended project and innovative design and enterprise part of the diploma. Heema is keen on green issues and independent living for the elderly. She is considering either a renewable energy system for homes or an intelligent environment system for a disabled person living alone. She has a lot to research.

* Tutorial on ethics and engineering. Heema must think about the broader issues in design and development.


Work experience at Tire's Engineering

* Heema has been given a mini project to consider how a particular part could be made more cost effectively. She will develop team working, planning and problem solving skills and apply knowledge of materials and manufacture.

* Heema is also gathering data on machine down times for analysis as part of the maintaining engineering systems and products section of the diploma.

From this she will work out stock levels for spare parts and suggest a machine maintenance strategy.


Diploma Town College

Heema will be learning about computer-aided engineering and computer-aided design and using these systems to develop her project. She will be simulating the behaviour of electronic control circuits and using CAD systems to develop virtual models.


Verdi Vert Engineering Company

Heema visits different employers' facilities, organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and science museums throughout the diploma course to learn about the different sectors of engineering. Today she is going to a facility for producing power from burning waste to learn about waste treatment and recycling.

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