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DIGNITY OF RISK. Council for Disabled Children. pound;30

The involvement of the Shared Care Network makes this publication particularly relevant to professionals providing short breaks, leisure provision and home-based care for disabled children. However, most of the information applies to a range of professionals supporting disabled children, including those in residential placements and schools. Topics covered include: health and safety; healthcare; and moving and handling.

A range of statutory and voluntary agencies have contributed to the guide and provided useful sample forms that can be reproduced. The chapter on health and safety includes helpful scenarios, and suggests how to resolve difficulties. In one, for example, a child on the autistic spectrum with challenging behaviour is placed with a link family who become concerned about the child's safety.

Throughout the guide there is reference to current guidance, explaining what service providers should have in place. Detailed lists of resources are gathered at the end of each chapter. Training is also covered, including what is and what is not acceptable. Each chapter concludes with a checklist, a quick reference list and a revision tool.

Overall, this is a valuable resource, filling a gap for those working with disabled children.

Jayne Tumbelty

Information and publications officer, Contact a Family

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