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Disappearing act

I have three management points for leading a large ICT department and advising on e-learning across the school. What will happen to my pay when the management allowances disappear?

The new structure must be agreed before the end of December 2005, and implemented by the end of December 2008. The school must write to you by January 31, 2006 with a revised annual pay statement. This will include details of any safeguarding of your salary, and how long that will last.

The governing body can decide upon a number of different staffing structures involving the use of posts on the leadership grades, teaching and learning responsibility payments, posts for advanced skills teachers, and from September 2006, the excellent teacher scheme, and the use of support staff and teachers on the main professional grade. Your professional association has a right to be consulted during the process and you should be given time to engage in the exercise conducted during the review. Individual schools are likely to devise their own structures.

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