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Pipe dreams by Kit Wright

After hearing the piece read aloud, read it to yourself a few times and discuss it with others.

Discussion points * Comment and observation This piece of writing is about people other than the author, but is full of personal observation. Look through the story and pick out the phrases and sentences that tell us what the author thinks about the people and events he is describing. Notice the way these are written.

* Style Look at the opening, and consider how effective it is. Observational pieces like this need to leap straight in, and the layout of these opening statements draws the reader in.

* Content It is interesting how objects can prompt recollections aboutpeople and events. Conversations are often full of anecdotes. With others, think of things that might prompt stories, like bicycles, dogs, mealtimes, and so on, and see what anecdotes come up.

Writing suggestions You may want to write upanecdotes related to a singlesubject, as Kit Wright has done in this piece. Remember to include your observations as well as the events themselves.

Use a response partner to gain feedback on your first draft - is there anything that is unclear? Questions asked by your partner can prompt you to reply with words and phrases that will enhance your writing further.

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