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Disgraceful conditions

Having just read the article "Falsify records or lose funding" (FE Focus, June 11), I felt compelled to write.

I was an employee in the ESOL department at Mancat from August 2001 to August 2003. I, too, was told when Miss Parha looked at my registers that there were too many Os present. I was told to change them to As which, therefore, would mean an authorised absence.

I did this as it was my first teaching job, and felt that I did not want to go against my manager.

This was done on a number of occasions.

Also, when asylum seekers went missing from class, I was told just to mark them present so that the funding could be placed.

I later discovered that what I had done was wrong, but at the time I was simply following instructions. I did not do this again.

I have subsequently left Mancat.

I felt that my working conditions were a disgrace.

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