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Disney competition encourages young writers

WORRIED about the decline in extended writing skills at key stage 2? Stuck for ideas to get key stage 3 children turned on to story-telling? Disney Channel's new competition offers tremendous incentives to young authors. The Incredible Story Studio is open to nine to13-year-olds. The winning four stories wil be transformed into dramas to be shown on the Disney Channel. Five more will be animated, and four more will be uploaded on to the Disney Channel website. Others will e published in the press.

Free teacher's guides offer suggestions on setting up an Incredible Story Studio project, including advice on how to help develop different story genres, characters and narrative lines. Children can also access the website directly to discuss ideas. Closing date for entries is March 15. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2000.For teacher's guides tel: 01536 399006.For further guidance visit the

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