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Ditch the QCF

Congratulations to Jane Scott Paul for criticising the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) ("Vote for learners, not quangos and red tape", April 30).

Compliance with the QCF had cost the Association of Accounting Technicians more than pound;900,000. In February, Kevin Brennan, then the minister responsible, reported that in the past three years more than pound;34 million had been spent, but said nothing about future spending plans. The Government could make immediate savings by halting all QCF development.

In January, Ofqual cast doubts on aspects of the QCF, notably the quality of the units, pointing out that 10 per cent of the sample of 346 required "immediate attention" and a further 30 per cent had technical faults.

Much work is needed to persuade employers to get on board, the QCF's trials seem not to have tested demand from learners, it only covers vocational and work-based qualifications, and the flagship Diploma is not even in the QCF.

The Government has a chance to abandon the QCF. I would not mourn its passing.

Mike Farmer, Education consultant.

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