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Do-it-yourself CPD

1 Decide what you want to develop, then choose from this menu of activities.

1 Watch someone teach - a teacher, an assistant, a football coach, a learning mentor, anyone

2 Talk to someone

3 Arrange to visit an "expert", or ask them to come in to your school

4 Go on a course or to a conference

5 Watch Teachers' TV:

6 Visit another school

7 Read a book or document

8 Search the internet

9 Find someone to coachmentor you

10 Find someone to observe you

11 Visit and post something on The TES online staffroom:

12 Keep a learning log, reflective diary or blog (a web-based log)

13 Speak to some of your pupils

14 Arrange for an advanced skills teacher to work with you

15 Take some time out to think

16 Read The TES

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