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To do, or not to do ..

It's the start of a new school year, and as many of our teachers in the TES online staffroom are realising, this means time's up on completing the long list of tasks that were meant to be undertaken during the summer holidays.

mfl-hopeful "wanted to learn a new language, go somewhere exotic and do more exercise. I can safely say I've done none of those things." FrauSue, on the other hand, had every intention of writing a bestselling novel, but just never got round to it.

Bnm successfully completed everything on their list, and revealed that "the secret is to have nice things on your to-do list". Unfortunately this method did not work for lardylady: "One thing I planned to do this summer was win the lottery. But alas."

Never mind, lardylady, maybe the Christmas holidays will prove more successful. Speaking of which, the Christmas stock hitting the shops' shelves hasn't gone unnoticed by our forum users. Dipsue knew "the Crimbo stuff would hit the shelves as soon as the 'back to school' stuff had gone," to which Jacob could only respond "NO! NO! NO! NO!"

bombaysapphire on the other hand confessed: "I love Christmas and I love planning for it", which must have been to emilystrange's disgust, who revealed "my class tell their parents that Mrs Strange said they can't use the C-word until December ... caused a few raised eyebrows the first time!"

Christmas may be a distant chore for some, but for others it can't come soon enough judging by some of the items that may appear on their Christmas list.

Many forum contributors are less than impressed with the increasing number of wrinkles making an appearance, and have been recommended a variety of expensive lotions and potions to keep them at bay.

Perdita is "beginning to understand why some people feel the need for a facelift," something that lilyofthefield would agree with, admitting that she "would snap up plastic surgery if I could afford it".

Some would rather avoid searching for wrinkles, such as vannie, who "will generally have a squint at myself first thing, then step back in horror as the face of my Mother gurns back at me."

However, Lara mfl 05 insists "they're NOT wrinkles; they're 'laughter lines." We like your way of thinking.

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