Do you celebrate Staple Day?

Back to work and already feeling glum? Well cheer up, it's almost Staple Day.

Staff at two Essex schools, South Benfleet primary and Thundersley junior, have established a tradition for celebrating the mid-point of the school year - and it might just catch on.

"Staple Day is where you get to the middle of the register," South Benfleet stalwart Noel Sutcliffe explains. "We have cakes or a treat and usually the person who has the toughest class provides the treat, because they're looking forward most to the end of the year."

Curious to discover whether other schools go in for half-time celebrations the Diary contacted Kathy Vince, head of the aptly named Halfway junior school in Sheffield. "It's not something we do but it's a good idea. We have plenty of birthdays to keep us going through the year. Also towards the end of term, we put dates up on the whiteboard and count them down and write encouraging messages to each other," she says.

For those who feel like celebrating, Staple Day falls in early February, though you need to check your register as dates vary.

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