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Do you pass the race test?

The dangers of racial stereotyping were pointed out by many of the researchers. But perhaps the best anti-stereotyping argument was made by the compilers of this quiz: 1. Humans have approximately 30,000 genes. On average, how many genes separate all members of one race from all members of another race?

A none

B 1

C 23

D 142

E 1,008

F don't know

2. Members of a race can be identified by their:

A blood group

B skin colour

C ancestry

D genes

E none of the above

F all of the above

3. Skin colour correlates most closely with:

A hair form


C risk for sickle cell, Tay Sachs and other genetic diseases

D geographic latitude

E continent of ancestral origin

F jumping and sprinting ability

4. The net worth of the average white family in America is how much

compared with the average black family?

A three times as much

B eight times as much

C half as much

D twice as much

E the same

Answers: 1 A 2 E 3 D 4 B

The Race Literacy Quiz was developed by California Newsreel with the Association of American Colleges and Universities

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