Doctor Who Series 4, vol 3

OK, so Doctor Who may be getting more bonkers of late and the joke wearing thin in respect of Catherine Tate's goofy extended cameo as his sidekick Donna, but if you've got no plans for a summer holiday then a spot of time travel is surely just what the doctor ordered.

This DVD includes the acclaimed double episode, "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead", which sees spooky goings on in an abandoned library as the doctor forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song played by Alex Kingston (pictured with the Doctor, below). There's also "Midnight," where our hero is trapped powerless and terrified on the planet Midnight but something, as always, intervenes at the last minute to save him.

The legion of writers who have largely superseded the masterful Russell T Davies may have become masters of the MacGuffin - the technique whereby a spurious plot intervention occurs at the last minute to save the day - but the series can still be a hoot.

If nothing else, it will be a chance to get the back story on the recent brain-scrambling series conclusion, which saw Donna having her memory wiped and the doctor meeting an even more unexpected fate (we won't spoil it by giving any more details). Who said truth was stranger than fiction?

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