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Documentary on a disc

FLAGTOWER VISIONS OF WAR SERIES World War I, World War II, The War in the Pacific CD-Roms for Multimedia PCs running Windows 3.1 or above, Pounds 42.50 plus carriage from Flagtower, Freepost TK 1393, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 5BR. Tel: 0500 486500

For these three sets of CD-Roms, scrolling screen narrative tells a story and provides opportunities for interaction by clicking on buttons that appear as the story unfolds.

All this is very impressive, with slick transitions and juxtaposition of music or movie footage. World War I takes two hours to sit through, while World War II takes more than six hours! All three of these CDs display real craftsmanship.

But should schools be buying them? Here I have my doubts. Most of the real information is contained in the audio commentary to the pictures, not as written text, making it more difficult for students to use for practical study in the school.

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