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A doddle for documents

Textease, Document processor for Acorn Pounds 65+VAT (primary site licence) Softease Ltd, The Old Courthouse, St, Peter's Church Yard, Derby, DE1 1NN

TextEase is a document processor which runs on all Acorn A-series computers with a minimum 1 megabyte of memory and Risc OS3. It is a full-function word processor with desktop publishing facilities that offer huge control over presentation.

It can be used for most writing or presentation tasks. All the text and layout facilities you would expect are there and available from a configurable button bar at the top of the screen or from the mouse menu button designed for accessibility.

All the features of a good word processor are there. The spell checker is notable in that it highlights each word it does not recognise on screen and on a print-out.

In terms of DTP, TextEase has some delightful features: frames, borders, shadows sprites and Draw files all with instant dragging and sizing. For creating posters or banners, clipping and gluing marks are printed to make construction easy. Creating huge posters has been made as simple as possible. Indeed, TextEase includes features which are synonymous with semi-professional software, for example rotation of text and graphics, OLE (object-linking environment) object linking an ellipse tool and arrow ends on lines. In fact, OLE links to TableMate, TableCalc and DiagramIT, making TextEase an equally serious tool for teachers.

I have few criticisms other than I would like to see an "undo last action function". I am told that this feature will be added to the next version of TextEase.

But what if PenDown andor Junior Impression are established at your school? Would a sea change to TextEase be a good move? I can say it is, for this program offers great value for money. If you are about to choose a DTP program for a school then my vote goes to TextEase: it is streets ahead of the competition.

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