Dome could be OFSTED's home

THERE are currently two national obsessions: knocking to pieces the Millennium Dome and the Office for Standards in Education. When will people stop whingeing about OFSTED, and pressure, and stress?

So, you have a bad lesson or your inspector isn't up to scratch. Get over it. It's a snapshot. You move on. Instead of going on and on about how many years in teaching they've done, some teachers ought to grasp reality with both hands and spend their energy on productive issues.

We're inspected every single day of our working lives by the chilren. They know who is and who isn't a good teacher. Surely that should count for more.

OFSTED isn't a good or a bad thing. It is what it is, a job which some people do well and others do less well.

Perhaps at the end of the year OFSTED could move into the Dome, that way the frightened, sleepless, tearful, confused and misguided can go and visit for afternoon tea. Perhaps that way they will realise that the dome is worth seeing and that OFSTED is worth every penny.

John Dabell

10 Dovedale Rise



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