Don't be a pushover

One Point (exercise abridged, from Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna)

* Stand up and put your attention on your One Point, about an inch below your navel and roughly halfway between your navel and your spine. You may also like to visualise a ball of energy radiating from that spot.

* Now think about a situation coming up in your life that you are worried or upset about. (Not a major phobia - start with something relatively minor.) If you have someone working with you, have them push you gently on the shoulder. You will find you are easily pushed off balance.

* Thinking about the difficult situation, give your discomfort level a score from one (at peace) to 10 (aaaaagh!)

* Bring your attention back to One Point. Place your hand over that area of your stomach to help guide your mind. Ask someone to once again push you on the shoulder. You will know you are at One Point when it is very difficult for them to push you off balance.

* Finally, holding "One Point attention", think about the worrying situation and notice the discomfort drain away from 10 down to one.

* When you no longer feel discomfort thinking about the situation, use your One Point attention to mentally rehearse performing at your best. When you are actually in the situation, hold One Point to ensure you stay centred and peaceful throughout.

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