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Don't cheer too soon - GTCE axe is bad news

In the article "A very bad start: your verdict on the coalition's first year", (pages 24-25, 7 May) with some bewilderment. Many, if not the majority, of teachers cheered when Michael Gove announced (with indecent haste) that he intended to scrap the General Teaching Council of England.

As a former GTCE council member I was fully aware that the GTCE needed to change to become more effective at doing fewer things and align itself closer to parentsguardians and teachers.

Unfortunately the GTCE was not given the chance or time to make these changes and the consequence of Gove's decision will result in further deprofessionalisation of teaching and unfettered ideological interference by the current and future education secretaries.

Anthony Wilkes, Crystal Education amp; Training Consultants.

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