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Dyscalculia Screener A valuable class tool for finding children who are struggling with maths and number work who might need a more specialist assessment.

Semerc BETT stand E40, F40

Let's Go To Town The first of a new series of story-based programs to promote decision-making and discussion of a real-life activity.

Inclusive Technology Windows CD-Rom Stand S10 Hilton

Dolphin EaseReader Dolphin Stand SN52


* Becta (C30, X40)

* Centerprise (F20)

* Crick (SN1, S20) www.cricksoft.comuk

* Don Johnston (SN12)

* Intellitools (S4 Hilton)

* Kudlian Soft (M100)

* Liberator (S15 Hilton)

* Mayer Johnson (S25 Hilton)

* Nelson Thornes (PZ33, W30)

* Peepo (SN44)

* Penny and Giles (SN50, S16 Hilton)

* PRi (S22 Hilton) www.prentromint.comuk

* R-E-M (B40)

* School Software Co (C126)

* Softease and Sherston (C56)

* Tony Churchill (S30 Hilton)

* Wizcom Technologies (SN76)

* Widgit (SN10, S1 Hilton)

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