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Don't take our technology away

I WOULD like to reply to Deborah Davies "Do primary pupils need computers?" (TES, September 29).

She wrote that computers encourage children to work alone and so cause damage to relationships among pupils, but in my school we have information and technology partners and enjoy co-operating with each other and combining our ideas. We can make friends all over the globe which widens our friendships.

She also said children should wait until Year 7 to start using computers. But I believe that secondary school is too late, as do 100 per cent of my class.

In the future we will be needing more and more computer skills. We will be wasting precious time if we do not learn to use computers until Year 7.

If we started to learn to read in secondary schol it wouldn't help us very much, it is the same with computers. It is the 21st century and we will need computer skills for almost anything.

Deborah Davies said that giving a child a computer is like giving them Pete Sampras's tennis racket. My response to this is that adults mustn't underestimate children as they are the future of the world. Therefore, they should have the best things possible.

Finally, Ms Davies wrote that computers are not educational but they are. It is also a fun way to learn as everybody enjoys it.

We have only just got our computer suite and it would be horrible to take them away.

Anisha Tibrewal

(One of 31 letters from Class 6)

Wanstead Church School

Church Path

Wantstead, London E11

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