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Don't treat us like children

As a visitor to the National Association of Head Teachers' conference at Scarborough I was one of the many who warmly applauded David Blunkett as he entered the Spa Centre. An hour later I joined the army of the confused. In completely failing to grasp an entire profession's distrust and dislike of Chris Woodhead, Mr Blunkett displayed an insensitivity that would have done credit to any of his immediate predecessors.

In a talk peppered with words like "co-operation" and "partnership" he obviously forgot that it takes two to tango. Further, in parading a headteacher as an example to other headteachers, he took us all back to our own schooldays when the goody-goody pupil was stood in front of the class to shame the rest into compliance.

Is David Blunkett naive or just plain crass?

CHARLES GAINS, 15 Hall Brow Close, Ormskirk, Lancashire

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