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Don't undermine the IfL

We support the principle of teachers and trainers in our sector having their own professional body.

The withdrawal of Government subsidy of membership fees for teachers to the Institute for Learning (IfL) is difficult for all. We want to find a way forward that defends and supports professional body membership.

We urge the sector membership bodies and the unions to work with the IfL and the Government to assure the professional development of the FE workforce.

We must not undermine the progress made by the IfL since its creation in 2002.

Amarjit Basi, Walsall College;

Frank Gill, Knowsley College;

David Linnell, Cornwall College;

Marion Plant, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College;

Robert Raven, Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Learning;

Andy Wilson, Westminster Kingsway College.

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