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Don't worry about us, Ted

I WAS interested to read Ted Wragg's response to our letters about the foundation stage profile. I am sorry that you feel the need to have "two minutes hate" every day in protest Ted, but I'm still not sure why.

As an early-years practitioner, and now advisory teacher, with an MA in early childhood education, I am the last person to advocate joining the "box gang" - all my research has been around the exact opposite.

In the past two weeks I have attended two conferences about the introduction of the profile and I can see why Ted has been led to believe we are being hoodwinked into the tick-box culture.

The training package that is to be delivered to schools does seem to promote a rather formal approach to observation. Hopefully, early-years professionals using the materials will not follow this pattern.

We have, at last, official recognition of another element of good early-years practice. Observation to inform planning has always been a fundamental part of our work. Where schools already have this in place, none of Ted's worries will be an issue.

The suggested proforma for creating a profile is now, helpfully, being referred to as the "optional scale booklet". This should allay your fears Ted. As long as our existing records of observations are adequate, nothing changes. We really are not being expected to do anything that we weren't already doing!

The only new thing is that the data sheet will need to be sent to the education authority and this a sticky issue.

Thank you again for your concern Ted, but believe me, if this wasn't a positive step I wouldn't be agreeing with it.

Sue Allingham

6 Wyndham Crescent

Hounslow, Middlesex

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