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Is the door open or is it closed?

I was happy to see the article on The TES Scotland front page of April 8, "Overseas block on induction places".

I am an American citizen who is completing the PGCE currently. I have been on a roller-coaster of misinformation and potential closed doors regarding work once I complete the programme. This is enormously frustrating as I did research prior to making the decision to come here for the programe and to pursue teaching upon its completion.

I made these choices based on personal convictions and passed over three similar programs in the United States to be here.

It is even more disheartening at a time when the Scottish Executive is attempting to attract teachers to avoid shortages, and I feel as though I could be a potential part of the solution. Instead I am not allowed to make a difference (this being a part of the reason I came).

It is also very interesting to me that when looking at information shown by the relocation advisory service it states: "Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme. This scheme will enable overseas students who have graduated from a Scottish university or college to apply to stay in Scotland for up to two years after they graduate to seek and take work."

Just recently, the link page has specified that the student must have graduated from a masters or PhD course.

While the General Teaching Council for Scotland allows for alternative means of completion of probationary requirements so that we may achieve full registration, it is apparently very difficult to secure the appropriate papers to stay on and work.

I have found that supply is not an option as the employment location is not always consistent. I have been advised to pursue employment in the independent sector. This is disappointing to me as I support and believe in the public system, which I am apparently not allowed to be a part of.

Julia Peterson

University of Dundee

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