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Double doubts

ASK any higher education college which category of students - PGCE or BEd - are more dedicated in their approach to teaching, and more likely to remain in teaching, and I am sure BEds would win in every institution throughout the UK.

I am appalled that the Government is not offering this wonderful salary, which I am sure will help the education recruitment shortage, to students in their fourth year of their BEd or equivalent.

On a different tack, as a deputy head in a mall school I am concerned that I may be advising or assessing threshold teachers who will be on a greater salary than myself.

Has the Government not thought through the fact that there is now going to be a shortage of deputy heads? Who would be a teaching deputy, when you can earn more as a post-threshold teacher? Please ministers, consider differentials!

Sylvia Howieson

Deputy headteacher

All Saints CofE primary school


London SW6

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