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Doubling of number ideas

I'm not sure where Sir Christopher Ball ("Every stage counts in the journey to numeracy", Primary forum, TES, October 10) has been for the past few years, but if he were to read the numeracy strategy reception framework (1999) he would find his ideas on the importance of counting in the development of number sense well covered.

"Subitizing" is included, despite what Tandi Clausen-May says ("Seeing numbers at a glance", TES Teacher magazine, October 3) , and the framework provides suggestions for the development, not only of the one-one correspondence aspect of counting mentioned by Sir Christopher, but also of the other four aspects. Also included are the more sophisticated skills of counting on, counting back, counting on from larger and the combination of counting strategies with known facts in order to derive unknown facts.

Ian Thompson Woodlands, Millfield Road Riding Mill, Northumberland

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