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Download of the Week - VCOP super heroes display

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What is it?

This is a helpful collection of colourful superhero-themed resources for use in lessons on vocabulary, connectives, punctuation and openers (VCOP).

How can it be used?

These resources can be printed out as posters and laminated for display throughout the year. Teachers can refer to them on a daily basis by asking children if they remember what each superhero can do.

Classroom ideas

Teachers could divide the class into teams, with each one using a different superhero as a mascot. Each child could wear something in the colour of their superhero and create a comic strip about how they saved the planet. The team with the best comic strip can be the superheroes of the day.

Why is it successful?

The use of superheroes to develop pupils' understanding of VCOP is an excellent way to excite and motivate them. By linking rules to fun characters pupils will have a better sense of recall for the rest of year.

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