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Dozens of new apprenticeships launched as 'trailblazers' gather pace

More than 700 employers have drawn up standards for new apprenticeships in the third wave of the government’s 'trailblazers' scheme.

The move will see the creation of 76 new apprenticeships, ranging from nuclear technician to equine groom, involving employers including PwC, BAE Systems and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue.

The trailblazers scheme sees industries taking responsibility for designing their own apprenticeships, with the first launched in October last year. Around 400 employers in 37 sectors were involved in the first two waves.

Launching the latest tranche today at Sky – involved in drawing up apprenticeships in television production and broadcasting – skills minister Nick Boles said the government was on track to deliver two million apprenticeships.

“There has never been a better time to do an apprenticeship,” he said. “Apprenticeships give you the experience and top-quality training you need to get the career you want.”

The Federation of Small Businesses has expressed concern that the scheme could be dominated by large firms, but Mr Boles said the government was eager to get small companies to take part.

“We’re very keen to encourage more small and medium-sized business to club together. There is no reason why not,” he said.

“Of course it is more challenging for small businesses, who may not have an HR director, but often we find the best combination is for a big employer and some small employers to work together.”

The latest recruits to the trailblazers scheme means it now involves more than 1,000 employers and 120 apprenticeships.

But the announcement coincided with a survey showing only one in five sixth formers were thinking about apprenticeships. A survey by the Chartered Insurance Institute found that 54 per cent of sixth form and university students found careers advice uninspiring, and just 19 per cent of sixth formers said they would consider an apprenticeship.

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