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Drawn to making waves

ON AIR. By Sarah Anglis, Martin Bazley and Jack Challoner. The Science Museum Pounds 9.99

This colourful book should help teachers make the most of any visit to the new On Air interactive gallery at the Science Museum for children age 12 and over.

There, in a replica radio station, they can produce their own programmes and experiment with mixing and editing using the latest equipment.

This is the kind of technology which interests pupils in science. There are suggestions on how to prepare students for their visit, in particular, an imaginative set of worksheets that explore aspects of electromagnetism, waves and hearing.

These are accompanied by useful teacher's notes and a series of six effective posters.

There are also worksheets for museum trails to other relevant exhibits, sample scripts for programmes and sections on the history of radio and the science of radio communications. Such material is now really essential for any good school visit and this excellent pack clearly sets new standards of support.

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