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Drink and drugs in focus

I like to think I've been around the block a few times, but even I was shocked when I read what teenagers had to say about drink and drugs in their schools when they spoke to Virginia Hunt for our main feature this month.

Certainly, the media and the Government seem to be obsessed with the dangers of adolescent experimentation, but when it comes to the pupils in your school, is it any of your business? See page 10 to find out.

Elsewhere in this edition, get to grips with the mother of all teaching chores - marking. Does it dominate your every waking hour? Fit it into your life. Sara Bubb explains how.

Handing out rewards in class is another feature of teacher life that sometimes seems more trouble than it's worth. If your reward systems are getting out of control, you'll appreciate Sue Cowley's advice on page 6.

Jewish Book Week begins on February 25, so brush up your knowledge of Judaism with James Heartfield's guide on page 10.

And bring on the spring!

Fiona Flynn: Editor


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