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Driving force for action

Car manufacturer Volvo will be offering Pounds 85,000 in grants to schools each year and will be supplying 3,000 free activity packs in a three-year environmental education scheme starting in September.

There will be packs geared to all age groups from key stage 1 to A-level, covering science, maths, English, art, geography and history. These will offer practical ideas for improving the environment as well as advice on how to plan and set up projects. Schools will be able to apply for grants of between Pounds 100 and Pounds 1,000. Each year a panel will judge the best projects and the winner will receive Pounds 5,000.

Information and activity packs are being tested by teachers and schools will be invited to register their interest. Volvo says it will announce the details in the June 27 issue of The TES.

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