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Using switches and motion sensors, Soundbeam 5 turns musical imagination into real melodies so that all pupils, whatever their musical ability, can explore their creativity.

What is it?

A compact device that uses a beam to sense body movements and turn them into music. With the addition of Soundbox (a floor mat speaker), hearing-impaired students can experience the physical vibrations of the music, and students who find it hard to focus can feel the relaxation benefits of music therapy. For more details, see www.soundbeam.co.uk.

What do people say?

Soundbeam has had a particularly powerful impact in special educational needs classrooms. Former Tomorrow's World presenter Peter Snow says: "Someone has discovered a way for children to make music, even if they can hardly move." One teacher says: "For many students who are hyperactive, Soundbox relaxes them ... They love to experience music in this way."

What else?

Help develop visual perception and fine motor skills with worksheets from BlossomHouseSchool. Alternatively, roholio's career presentation could help you to inspire musicians of the future.

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Tes Editorial

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