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DYSLEXIC IN FOCUS AT SIXTEEN PLUS. An Inclusive Teaching Approach. By Jeanne Holloway. NASEN pound;8. Fax order to: 01872 313005

SUPPORTING DYSLEXIC PUPILS 7 - 14 ACROSS THE CURRICULUM. By Sally Raymond. David Fulton pound;16. TES Direct pound;15.50

This readable and concise booklet should prove invaluable to anyone involved in staff development. It introduces key concepts and gives examples of sensible practice that are applicable across the curriculum. It does not cover everything in detail, but offers ideas that will be of practical benefit to all students, not just those identified as dyslexic.

Supporting Dyslexia Pupils Across the Curriculum is a collection of photocopiable worksheets introduced by a poorly expressed section on the needs of the "dyslexic pupil".

It suggests that a worksheet is selected with reference to a skill the child needs to develop, introduced by the teacher and completed for homework. This then acts as a template from which the teacher develops future worksheets.

However, seven to 14 is a wide age range to cover and teachers may find themselves adapting most worksheets from the start.


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Kieron Sheehy

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