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Dyslexia: Assessing the need for Access Arrangements during Examinations. By Gill Backhouse, with Elizabeth Dolman and Caroline Read. PatossJCQ. Pounds 7.50.

This A4 volume offers guidance on access arrangements for public examinations. It is a second edition and takes account of the September 2004 to August 2005 guidance published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

Written in an informal style, the book includes case studies and photocopiable sections that will be useful in discussions with centre staff, students and parents. It sets out clearly the processes when applying for access arrangements.

As a former Senco, I found the chapter "The Senco's Year" particularly helpful.

Specialist teachers will find the sections on assessment and testing informative. These include details of reading and spelling tests.

The authors emphasise that this book does not stand alone: readers need to refer to the JCQ guidance - and to their centre's examination officer - when applying for access arrangements.

While this book is directed at specialist teachers of students with dyslexia, it will be a useful resource for all centres. And, although the deadlines for application for access arrangements for this summer's examinations have passed, it will enable them to be well prepared for next time.

Jean Salt

President, National Association for Special Educational Needs

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