John Bald

THE MYSTERY OF THE LOST LETTERS. DITTBBC CD. pound;21 plus postage. www.ditt-online.org

Tintin and Snowy explore four rooms in Marlinspike hall. Ostensibly, they are in search of the lost Professor Calculus, but their real goal is to help people with dyslexia think about their learning patterns and gain inspiration from successful dyslexic people.

Presentation is attractive, with amusing animations and lucid contributions from Benjamin Zephania and Lord Rogers, who find a tone that is realistic as well as positive.

The main diagnostic element is a series of games, in which users answer questions that explore their attitudes to learning, social skills, personal organisation and confidence.

Some questions will not apply to all users, and others have ambiguities.

Asked if I like my desk to be tidy, for example, I say yes. That does not, alas, imply a tidy desk.

This CD can be highly recommended as a focal point for discussion with a mentor - but it pays to study the directions in advance.

DITT - Dyslexia International Tools and Techniques - is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. Its website (see above) is well worth a visit.

John Bald

Literacy consultant

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John Bald

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