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Dyslexia is not a made-up malady

When he branded dyslexia as a myth last week, MP Graham Stringer's level of ignorance was breathtaking. Again, his ill-informed comments expose the reality that one of the greatest obstacles faced by those seeking action to address learning difficulties is a complete lack of understanding of the scale and severity of the issue.

Not all children who fail to learn to read and write have dyslexia. Not all dyslexics fail to read and write - but many are hampered in other ways. The level of support for people with learning difficulties barely scratches the surface. That being the case, on what authority can Mr Stringer claim that dyslexia is a "made-up malady"? I hope that, rather than a genuine and serious condition like dyslexia, it is his comments which will be consigned to the "dustbin of history".

Sophie Dow, Mindroom, Musselburgh.

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