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E-mail snail;Diary

ALL RIGHT, so it's a bit behind the times, but this column has finally gained access to the Internet. In between booking holidays and e-mailing its mum, it decided to test the system with a lightning tour of education sites.

Plenty of activity at the DFEE - 30 press releases posted in the past fortnight alone. OFSTED has been pretty productive too - its press release archive showed 27 since January. Ditto the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority which, what with its major curriculum overhaul, has produced 23.

But oh, dear - what signs of life at the Teacher Training Agency? With its key role in recruiting new teachers and a major review of its future in the past six months, how active has it been in getting its message out to the media? How many press releases has it issued this year?

The answer: precisely two. It would be churlish of us to remind readers that one of the criticisms raised in the review was its prickly relationships with others. Come on folks, speak to us.

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