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E2E should be more flexible

Your article on E2E provision raises some very interesting points ("Stepping stone to work is too rigid", April 21).

Fundamentally, E2E programmes should meet the needs of each individual learner to give them the best chance of progressing to employment.

At Rainer City Training, we believe in a flexible and personalised approach to E2E. While some of our services are tailored to a particular client group, we do also have a great deal of success with the provision of the 22-week programme, delivered as required by the Learning and Skills Council as the average length of time it takes all learners to complete.

We adapt to the needs of young people. For instance, the refugees we work with often take longer and need additional language support, while young parents generally have a shorter period of time available.

Teresa Sayer-Smith

Executive service manager

Rainer City Training

Portsmouth, Hants

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